Gracehall Wedding, Northern Ireland.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to blog this wonderful wedding at Gracehall. From Nikki’s unreal feather dress to Marcus serenading her down the isle in that velvet jacket, the whole day was filled with so much positive energy. It was hard not to have fun. Not to mention they are complete pros when it comes to posing for the camera. I could have photographed them all day.

Nikki has a real eye for perfection and she put all the little trinkets and details around Gracehall and really made it her own. From the Unicorns to the gorgeous glitter straws, I was in photography heaven photographing it all. Little details like this really bring personality and uniqueness to your wedding and I love when people go to so much effort.

Then there is Marcus. Singing her down the aisle. It was really like something out of the movies. His son stood beside him, offering moral support and he sang until Nikki reached his side. It was such a special moment to be apart of and I’m sure something Nikki and the kids will never forget.

The night ended with everyone on the dance floor and one of the highlights of the day was finding little feathers all over Gracehall that had fallen off Nikki’s wedding dress.

An absolute perfect send off to the year gone past and a kick start into a new chapter.

It was an absolute pleasure guys! Thanks so much for having me along and giving me a great start to New years Eve!

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If you’re having your wedding here please say hello. It’s such a beautiful venue to work at and I’d welcome any opportunity to return there.