Thanks from Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer.

There can be a bit of pressure to write something interesting and insightful here. And that’s not always easy as a visual person. But I will say this; you inviting me into your lives on such an important day will never get old. Your friends and your families are always so warm and welcoming towards me and leaving me forever humbled. Sometimes for whatever reason, we don’t always get to meet each other before the big day and that’s OK. I’m still always greeted by huge smiles at the door when I see you. Any nerves I have (cos I do still feel wee nerves after all these years), just leave me at the door and I’m treated as one of you.

I’ve worked alongside some brilliant people too. Paul from Hatch Wedding Films.  Clive from Pigment Films and Ricky and Vicky, husband and wife team from Rabbit and the Fox. If you’re on the lookout for a video of your wedding day these guys are always on my recommended list. Not forgetting some amazing hair and Make up people including Lynette Murray, Jenna Sommerville, SAK Designs just to name a few.


And these photographs, I really can’t take all the credit. They are the result of teamwork. Each and every couple I get to work with inspires me in a different way and for that I am so thankful. Not only does it keep things fresh and interesting but it also means you’ll never have the same photos as the couple before you… in a word unique.

Each and every one of you trust me in a way that allows me to have the freedom to create something special, that only we are a part of. Thank you for never giving me long lists of shots I have to chase because nothing would stifle me more. Thanks for inviting me all over Ireland and feeding my sense of adventure and travel. A huge thank you for not just seeing me as another vendor but treating me as one of your friends. And thank you for being yourselves.

May this be my job for a really long time. Big hugs.

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I still have a couple of available dates for 2019 and 2020 is filling up fast. If you’re looking for a photographer and feel a connection to my work then I’d love to hear from you. Check out some past blogs here and get in touch here 🙂

landscape of Dingle coastline, sea and mist.
little page boy sits in rocking chair
smiling groom doing tie on wedding day
bride and father standing in front of wedding dress at window.
brides family looking on as she gets make-up applied.
young child wearing woman heels on wedding morning.
bride holding her pet tortoise.
wedding day toilet roll.
bride at window on wedding day in her dress.
little flower girl going down the stairs
groomsmen pouring beer into tea cup.
grooms she's beside children converse shoes.
harsh light on wedding dress.
bride standing at window looking out.
bridesmaids doing brides dress at window.
groom sitting at desk writing wedding speech.
two little girls play piano in their pjs
little bridesmaid hugging black dog.
silhouette of groom doing his tie at window.
Bride smiling as her mother ties her dress.
Bride standing at window looking out.
bride drinking champagne on the morning of her wedding.
bride writing note on her wedding morning.
wedding dress in harsh light reflected in glass.
Groom outside doing tie.
Girl playing harp, man playing violin, family listening.
bridesmaids popping the cork on the wedding morning
happy proud dad wearing father of the bride t-shirt.
close up of happy brides face.
Bride fanning cape out on wedding morning.
bride standing at window in very big dress.
bridesmaid excited face when she sees bride in dress.
Happy groom doing tie by window light.
Mother and father of groom, elderly couple, holding hands.
full length of bride looking out the window in her wedding dress.
mother of bride excited to see bride for first time in dress.
bride sipping champagne looking out window.
Staffordshire dog with toy in mouth wanting to play
beautiful bride beside window light
LIssanoure castle wedding. brides mother buttoning dress of the bride.
Baby boy smiling at himself in mirror
baby boy standing beside mother as she gets make-up applied.
bride fastening shoes on chair by soft window light.
bride sitting on chair while bridesmaid ties her shoes.
Happy face of grooms father getting tie done
production line of bridesmaids buttoning each others dresses at the back.
beautiful silhouette of bride at window
Groom kissing grandmother on the head while holding a photograph of his late grandfather.
Proud father looking at his beautiful daughter on her wedding day.
Portrait of bride on soft window light
photo of brides shows out in nature.
groomsmen getting ready outside in nature
Groom doing his tie in harsh window light
Bride with her father getting out of the car at chapel
groom wiping tears away as he sees bride for the first time walking towards him
Groom wiping away tears as bride stands beside him
bride walking with her father to see her groom
Priest standing outside chapel waiting for the bride
Silhouette of little girl with her father
close up of little babes face,
groom and groomsmen on tandem bikes laughing
Bride with father and bridesmaid waling to the wedding service
Castle ward wedding. large tree trunk with small bride and bridesmaids standing
guests at wedding taking shelter under umbrella
father walking bride to her groom
Little dog in chapel looking up at groomsmen
very happy groom when he sees bride for the first time
Groom shaking hand of father of the bride as he gives her away
bridesmaids stretching out brides veil
Mount druid wedding. silhouette of bride and father walking down the  aisle
mother of bride touching the face of her daughters husband to be
happy bride taking her vows
bride making funny face as she puts ring on grooms finger
dog lying sleeping at open chapel door
smiling bride and groom taking rigs from little pageboy
bride holding the face of her groom as they hug
close up of cute baby wearing bow tie
bride and groom holding hands at top of the aisle
bride and groom smiling at each other during outdoor service
baby with dummy in mouth looking into camera
extremely happy groom when he sees beautiful bride waking down aisle
proud groom shaking hand of father of the bride
wedding guest in chapel petting dog
bride and groom raising hands in celebration of making vows
bride and groom hugging after making vows
bride and groom smiling and walking through confetti
bride and groom walking smiling down the aisle as everyone cheers
bride and groom smiling at each other as they walk together -just married
bride and groom drinking together, brides hair is in mouth
bride and groom wiping their mouths from lipstick after kissing
The ivory Pravillion wedding. bride and groom smiling walking through lots of confetti
grandfather clapping in celebration at wedding
groom cheering in celebration at wedding
bride and groom walking out of chapel with lots of confetti being thrown
lots of confetti being thrown over bride and groom
back of little flower girl slipping
happy guest hugging groom
happy gust hugging bride
happy guest dancing outside
happy bride hugging guest
two wedding guests in formal clothes wearing running shoes
The merchant wedding. bride and groom portrait in front of a wall mural of faces
little boy eating sandwich with painted nails
guests at wedding drinking
bride looking out at crown outside chapel
irish landscape of cliff and couple walking
bride and groom portrait in beautiful sunset
bride and groom laughing
groom looking at bride holding her face
happy guest hugging groom
Tullyverry house wedding. bride and groom walking to retro fiat 500 car
bride and groom in forest together. Slieve donard wedding
groom with hands in air as bride walks ahead
bridesmaid laughing with bottle and flowers in hand
full length portrait of bride and groom in field at sunset
bride and groom walking towards cliff edge, sea in background
bride standing in front of beautiful trees in beautiful light
bride and groom standing in front of large tree in autumn
back of little girl walking in long grass
bride and groom walking towards camera with beautiful sun rays
Groom looking loving long at bride. Slieve donard wedding
couple hugging in long grass
full length bride and groom
groom buttoning his jacket
bride and groom in misty landscape by water with small boat
portrait of bride standing at sunset
couple holding hands and laughing
couple holding hands wand walking by the sea on cliff edge
brode and groom laughing together. slieve donard wedding
bride and groom facing each other  under trees
bride and groom facing each other under trees
back of bride and groom smiling at her
The culloden wedding. Old court chapel wedding tiny bride and groom in front of lake and palm trees
couple hugging in long grass at sunset
bride paling with her wedding ring
bride portrait in forest
bride string among beautiful ferns
bride in lace dress
bride and groom smiling at each other
Titanic hotel wedding. portrait of bride and groom getting  close
close up of couples hands
bride and groom laughing
back of brides dress, beautiful lace detail
groom smiling towards bride
groom leading bride down hill
bride and groom surrounded by mist with tree silhouette
portrait of groom with hands in pockets
The Merchant wedding. brides veil blowing towards camera
portrait of bride in dappled light at ballymargvey village
Gracehall wedding. bride leaning into groom as he kisses her cheek
bride and groom on beach looking out at a  pink sky
close up of wind blowing brides hair Ballintaggart house wedding dingle photographer
couple walking in snow at sunset on cave hill belfast
bride looking into camera as groom kisses her head
excited happy groom as bride is walking behind him
bride laughing as groom hugs her from behind
Bride playing veil in the wind
bride laughing running towards camera
bride laughing on beach
couple walking hand in hand smiling at sunset
bride and groom on cliff edge looking out at sea
Ballymagarvey village wedding. groom wiping hair off brides face at sunset
wind blowing brides cape on a beach in ireland
bride and groom sitting on vintage rug looking at each other
bride portrait holding flowers and wearing flower crown
couple walking with boxer dog on beach
bride walking into forest holing dress up
Tankardstown house wedding. bride in beautiful light surrounded by leaves
bride walking bare foot on beach
close up of sleeve detail on brides dress
couple walking down wild landscape
elderly couple, happy and hugging
bridal portrait among trees and leaves
groom portrait
bride walking barefoot, holding dress up on rocky beach
Ballintaggart house wedding. landscape of beach and bride and groom walking by the sea
bride flowers
bride standing on rock as waves come in around her feet
bride and groom laughing
ballymagarvey village wedding. groom holding brides veil in sunlight
bride and groom walking hand and hand at harland and wolf belfast
bride and groom playing with their son and laughing together
bride walking alone on beach with her cape and dress blowing in the wind
The Mill House wedding. bride and groom in glorious orange sunset
bride in forest holing dress
close up of brides face and beading detail on her dress
Castle ward wedding. bride and groom in mist with trees
close up of brides flower crown
bride and groom in dingle town with kids running past
bride standing in sunset in forest
bride and groom walking holding hands in golden sunset
bride and good together under tree and sun rays
groom embracing bride and cuddling into her
happy groom portrait at beach
bride looking at groom in forest with soft sunlight
Groom running out of the sea as bride gets soaked
bride and bridesmaids in forest together laughing
bride lifting dress to walk though a field
bride full length in dappled light
grooms hands on brides waist, close up
couple on cliff edge snuggled in a blanket causeway coast elopement
strong sun flare and close up of long blond hair
bride standing under window light coming down from above with flower crown
bride smiling holding flowers standing among ferns
bride and groom on cliff edge, brides dress blowing in the wind. Dingle wedding photographer
full length portrait of bride standing under trees and beautiful light. mount druid wedding photographer
Mount druid wedding. close up of bride snuggled into grooms arm.
bride and groom standing in grass and beautiful light behind them
girl with long blond hair runs on beach
Crawfordsburn inn wedding. bride and groom standing together laughing
bride hugging groom from behind and smiling,
groom hugging bride from behind and smiling
bride and groom together hugging and laughing
couple, male and flam standing on beach with a beautiful pink sky
groom leading the bride by the hand down a path
portrait of groom in field
bride leading groom across beach and her dress is blowing in the wind
Bride smiling and happy to see her groom
close up of the back of a brides head showing hair piece
email with long blond hair standing in long grass
bride and groom stand face to face embracing, close up. Mount druid wedding photographer
couple laughing together and holding hands
portrait of groom standing in nice light among trees
bride hugging groom frombehind, side on view. Belfast titanic hotel wedding
two brides hugging together. same sex wedding
bride looking into camera and groom hugs from behind
bride looking directly into camera as the wind blows her hair.
LIssanoure castle wedding. full length bridal portrait under while flowers and green trees
bride and groom standing hand in hand at the tine chapel mount druid
couple in beautiful light on beach
very tiny couple on the edge of a cliff showing the scale of the landscape
bride and groom hugging in dappled light under trees
LIssanoure castle wedding. bride and groom standing on beach beside a lake with lot of sky
boho bride standing in a field holding her flowers
bride smiling directly into camera as groom admires her
couple shoot elopement on causeway coast. Standing holding hands
bride doubled over laughing at her groom
coulple hugging tight in strong sunlight
very happy groom smiling into the camera
brid and groom walking into field at sunset
blackwater castle wedding. bride and groom hugging and laughing at something together
bride standing alone t the edge of the water as the waves crash around her feet
bride and groom facing each other as the sun rays come between their faces
bride smiling so happy at her groom
bride and groom standing holding hands at sunset
groom helping to lift brides dress
close up of grooms hands holding the brides as she hugs him from behind
bride and groom both looking into camera with a great stare cave hill shoot
bride and groom walking on dingle beach
sheep preventing traffic in Dingle Ireland wedding
bride playing wth flowers, close up
bride snuggles into groom with blanket on the causeway coast elopement
bride and groom standing on the steps of the merchant hotel wedding
groom waiting for his bride in dappled light
bride lifts her dress to walk out of field
bride lifts her dress to reveal velvet red shoes
bride and groom glass window reflection shot
couple snuggling together on cliff edge
Old court chapel wedding. bridesmaids cheering and having fun
close up of grooms hands around brides waist
little dog begging for food from the bride
father swings little girl around by the arms in play
little baby walking up steps to meet his mum and dad the bride and groom,
close up of brides flowers in beautiful light
close up of a flower shadow on the brides dress
Old court chapel wedding. bride and groom stand together holding hands under big tree branches
bride and groom play peek a boo with their little boy
bride standing in harsh light with flower crown
two little flower girls walk hand in hand in a field at sunset
ballymagarvey village wedding. bride plays with her veil in the wind
girl with long blond hair stands in direct sunlight on the beach
bridal party at mount druid.
bridal party at mount druid walking through forest
groom looks out at his bride on the beach
little dog begs for food from wedding guests
little boy laughs as dad throws him in the air
happy bridal party on the steps of the merchant hotel belfast wedding
groomsmen lift groom off his feet and  carry him laughing
close up of thee through car window
little boy stands beside dog and pets him
bridal party walks in the distance
dog running on beach with umbrella in her mouth
guests play on a swing at old court chapel wedding
little dog lies at doorway
little flower girl plays in dirt
wedding guest relaxing with her baby of a sofa
groomsmen setting drinks down on grass before photo
bride wipes away a tear dying her fathers speech
wedding guest says cheers to camera
bride feeding dog some treats
bluse car drives past and guests wave out the window
bride and groom what outside as they are announced into the room
bride laughing at grooms speech
bride gets emotional as she sees groom hugging his mother
bride and groom celebrating as they are called in the room
bride and groom cheering
bride and groom cheering walking into room of their guests
guests clapping as bride and groom enter
Bride and groom stand outside as their guests wait for them to enter
groomm cheering and celebration with his mother
bride wiping away tears as she speaks
guests relaxing enjoying speeches
elderly couples together
bride cheering coming into room
bride and her dad cheers
groom and groomsmen cheering
wedding guest sleeping on sofa
groom wipes away tears during speech
bride and bridesmaid laugh during speeches
groom wipes away tears during speech
dance floor wide shot
close up of happy bride dancing
happy bride dancing and clapping
party dance floor
guest dancing and cheering
groom dancing
little kid dancing and making a funny face
groom spins bride round dance floor
groom spins bride
brides granny dancing
wedding guest dancing and laughing
groom gets emotional as he sees hid bride dancing with her father
bride and groom begin first dance
someone on dance floor wearing slippers
bride and groom hand in hand cheering the room on
guest holding three pints
groom wipes away tears as he watches father daughter dance
wedding guests dancing
wedding guests dancing
little boy being swung around dance floor
guest doing funny dance
Bride and groom dancing
wedding guests dancing and drinking
grooms grandmother dances and claps
bride and groom embrace in slow dance
groom watched father daughter dance
little boy on dads shoulders dancing
man sleeps on sofa
someone being carried on dance floor laughing
wedding guest dancing
dad swings bride on dancefloor
bride and groom dancing
guests dancing
Mad dancing on dancefloor
dad washed his daughter dance with groom
little dog sleeps on sofa as party is going on behind him