Northern Ireland Elopement.

Elope to Ireland! Gwen and Ashley fell in love with the landscapes of Ireland thought images they’d seen online. Living in Canada they are no strangers to the colder elements so our moody Irish weather was no issue for these two. Although they did choose to get married on the side of a cliff on the windiest day in Ireland! We made it work though!

First look.

Having decided to get ready in different locations Gwen and Ashley choose to have a first look before their vows, which I love. This is such a special time, just for the two of you. And one photographer 🙂 But not having the pressure of families looking on as you see each other for the first time can melt away all your nerves. They choose The Dark Hedges for this. Thankfully we arrived just after a tour bus left so we had the whole place to ourselves. Until the next one arrived.

Tying the knot.

Dunluce Castle was the choice for where they would say their vows. As we were photographing at The Dark Hedges their families were gathering in a field along with the sheep taking in the gorgeous views. The sun came out and dipped at the right moments and I was in photography heaven.

Kinbane Head.

After the vows and a few dreamy shots at the castle we headed to Kinbane Head. If you’ve ever adventured here you’ll know the steps are no joke. Lots of breaks pretending to take in the views while really you’re fighting for your last breath. This day was extremely windy and we definitely weren’t brave (or stupid) enough to venture all the way to the tip. But still worth it. We managed to catch the last rays of the sun as we were leaving. Great day all round.

Eloping to Ireland?

If you’re planing an Irish/Northern Irish elopement please don’t hesitate to get in touch via mu contact page. I adore shooting these intimate gatherings.