Elopement on the North Coast – Gina and Caleb.

Kind words from Gina and Caleb

“Kelly was an absolute gem! My husband and I aren’t ones for having our photos taken, but Kelly made us feel so comfortable and confident. It felt like we were just hanging out with a friend, meanwhile AMAZING photos were being taken. The pictures turned out so beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for a better person to capture our special day than Kelly. Her ease and calm demeanor really helped set us up for success. We would 100% recommend her! Love Gina and Caleb”

I loved these guys.

Gina and Caleb met through mutual friends when they were both living in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. They started out, like most, as friends and their relationship continued to grow the more time they spent together. 

They have been together for about five and a half years. They have just started a new life in Asheville, North Carolina about 2 years ago. Caleb is a beer-tender at two well known breweries and Gina work’s as a Veterinarian Nurse at a speciality clinic in the ER/ICU department. 

Gina and Caleb love the outdoors, hiking, exploring, so an elopement on the north coat of Ireland was the perfect backdrop for their vows to each other.  

Being dog lovers like myself, they have four dogs which to my disappointment couldn’t make the trip from the US to Ireland 🙂 I tend to attract other dog lovers. 

These guys were super laid back and chill and their aim for the day was to have fun and embrace whatever wha thrown at them. The dream for every photographer.

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Celebrant Sam Hanna

Hair Stylist Ciara Armstrong

Make-up Artist Julie Gould

Flowers Victoria Robertson