I’m shooting Jessica and Marks Wedding in November in the fabulous Sleeve Donard Hotel. This shoot almost didn’t happen. I live about an hour away from these guys and on my drive to the shoot the rain was pelting down. You know when you have to have your wipers on top speed and you still can’t see, that kind of rain. Jessica assured me that where she was was sunny and dry and I trusted her and kept on the road. About 40 minutes later I arrived in another world. A world with no rain, beautiful people, a gorgeous dog, golden light and the most insane sky I’ve seen in a long time. And not only that it was a lot of fun. Who said jobs are boring? Mine is the best.

Scroll to the end to read Jessica and Marks experience of doing a pre wedding shoot.

Good vibes from Jessica and Mark.

BEFORE OUR PRE WEDDING SHOOT WE WERE… both pretty anxious about being in front of the camera for the first time together. Our main concern was whether or not we would look awkward and stiff.
AFTER OUR PRE WEDDING SHOOT…it felt totally natural and as if we’d both known Kelly for years! Her relaxed and fun attitude rubbed off on us and in the end we could have taken pictures for hours! We both have no anxiety towards our wedding day shoot! We have no doubts Kelly will make it perfect!

I also got the seal of approval from Lillian in the form of sloppy kisses.

If any loved up couples want a shoot together I’d love to hear from you

And any of my wedding couples want a pre wedding shoot and haven’t already booked, just drop me a wee email to get a date in the diary!