Kinbane Head engagement shoot.

Christine and Martin were so much fun to shoot. They knew pretty early on in their wedding planing that they wanted a pre wedding shoot. A good chance for us to hang out and get some cool photos and get to know each other.

They don’t live in Northern Ireland and pretty much planned their entire wedding from London and Belgium. Impressive. We planned this shoot on one of there short trips over to Belfast. We arranged to meet early on a Sunday morning for tow reasons. One – with the hope of catching a glorious sunrise to make me look good. And two – because these guys had an afternoon flight back to London to catch. Driving up to Kinbane that morning with the window wipers on I knew that number one was already a fail. I pulled into the carpark to see Christine and Martin waiting with he smiles. Immediately then I knew I didn’t need anything else but a happy couple in front of my lens.

If you’ve ever been to Kinbane and made it down the hundred’s of steps (not really) you’ll know its worth every breath. The views are so beautiful. I had advice these two in advance to wear comfy shoes. Which they did but Christine had also brought a pair of boots to change into for the photos. I have new respect for anyone who can walk these grassy hills in boots. Not recommended! But hats off to Christine for proving she is game for anything and didn’t complain once.

Christine and Martin were so easy to photograph. They brought a big blanket along initially to use as a nice cosy prop but ended up being a god send when the winds kicked in. We had so much fun adventuring together.

Pre Wedding shoot – Yes or no?

If anyone out there is considering a pre wedding shoot – Get in touch and go for it! By the time their wedding day came round they had no stress at all surrounding their photos.

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