2015, you have been a real rollercoaster year with so many changes but the one thing that was always consistent were my wonderful couples and the awesome celebrations. These images are all the result of a team effort, thank you all for being yourselves. Thank you for inviting me into your lives, for bringing me to beautiful places and for giving me new experiences and fresh inspiration. And of course for introducing me to your perfect pooches. It truly is a blessing to wake up and do something that I love everyday, sometimes I take it for granted and sometimes I could burst with joy that this is my job.

So many amazing venues, including Fallon and Byrne, Parkanour Manor, Dawros Bay House, just to name a few. I also got to shoot a wonderful whirlwind Wedding in London for the talented Erin Fridja of Bad Denim!

To my fellow photographers and artists, how brilliant it has been to work alongside some of you. For your continued support and encouragement and chats over dinners and coffees and beers and road trips, I thank you all deeply. You know who you are. What an adventure it has been so far and how grateful I am to be continuing that into 2016. Peace and love and light and good vibrations!

If you’re planing your own wedding I’d love to hear from you!