Gracehall Wedding, Northern Ireland.

This Gracehall Wedding, Northern Ireland, was a pretty special one for me as the bride is my cousin. When Aimee asked if I would photograph her wedding I was thrilled. For many reasons. First off, she choose Gracehall, a unique venue that is totally up her and John’s street. Secondly, knowing Aimee, I new this was going to be a wedding I’d want to shoot. She has such a quirky wee style that is all her own and I love her for it. But I’ll be honest, I was probably more nervous for this wedding than I’ve ever been. With my entire family being there, I think I added a little bit of extra pressure on myself. Thankfully everyone loved the photographs and I can breath a sigh of relief that I’ll still get invited round for cups of tea.

They had the perfect weather too, the rain stayed away all day, a rare feat in October sometimes. And they had the most wonderful sunset. Just as desert was about to be served I looked over and was greeted by a view of orange and warmth and I had to get them out. A quick nod to Aimee and John and the deserts was a distant memory. And all the more enjoyable knowing we had some gorgeous sunset shots in the bag. Just for the record, it is ALWAYS worth leaving your dinner for sunset photos. Always.

They left for the evening under a blanket of sparklers and jetted off on their honeymoon. What a great way to end a brilliant day.

I am always up for shooting a wedding at Gracehall, if you’re planing your own day there come say hey! OH and here is a gorgeous New Years Eve Wedding also shot at Gracehall.